Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

Xiaomi company probably produces almost everything what is possible.

Starting from thermoses and glasses and ending with laptops.

And here we will talk about the last today.

Previously laptops that were convenient portable solutions for work and recreation.

But today I will show you a laptop that will allow you show all your skill in games.

Meet the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop.

And you're on the channel sibdroid.

Ru and we start.

Design Just want to say how Xiaomi Mi Gaming looks like the best gaming design available.


Have you seen what other gaming solutions look like? Thick, ugly, huge, heavy, who have all their appearance says only that it is not tried to work.

With a laptop from xiaomi everything is different.

Design can be called as "there is nothing superfluous" and this is absolutely true.

There are no images or logos on the laptop, that in our time it looks weird.

But knowing xiaomi doesn’t seem unusual.

The main component that makes up the body is plastic.

But don't be in a hurry, the quality of the plastic is excellent, Nothing creaks and does not play.

A double sense arose from the appearance of the hinges.

They are also made of plastic, which at first glance practical.

But in fact, everything is held tight and secure.

You get purely aesthetic pleasure, when this hinge goes into the case.

As for connections, Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is equipped with four USB 3.

0 ports.

Two of them are located on the left, one on the right.

On the left there is also a headphone and microphone jack, and on the right is a card reader.

Some ports that are not used so often located here on the back, including RJ45, port USB 3.

0 and Type-C, HDMI 2.

0 and round charging connector.

The only thing that makes this laptop stand out is gaming is the backlight of the keyboard and the bottom of the case.

And if the second is just a nice addition, which emphasizes and improves a rather strict design, then the keyboard backlight also a functional solution.

An integral part of the design is also the screen.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is equipped with a 15.

6-inch IPS screen with resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels and matte finish and maximum 300 nit brightness.

The thickness of the frames on the left and right reaches 9.

9 mm, which is extremely not enough for a gaming device.

The picture really looks great as far as This is possible with a matte finish.

Viewing angles, of course, did not disappoint.

Such a display exceeds expectations, as for an inexpensive gaming laptop, where it could well be mediocre TN matrix with worse color rendering and terrible viewing angles, but how good is that Did not happen.

Performance and usability On the review we have a version of the laptop with almost top-end features.

This is an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor at 2.

8 GHz.

Also 8 GB of RAM type ddr4 and discrete geforce 1060 graphics card.

Typical storage here is a hard disk on 1 TB and ssd disk for 128 gigs.

I agree, the characteristics are not the most top, but with In this they show a rather impressive result.

For example, when testing a hard disk, it was not revealed problems with speed, but on the contrary, he showed yourself pretty fast.

But since this is still a gaming device, then test it need in games.

Here he shows himself more than great.

If you care about the quality of graphics and displayed values ​​fps, then do not worry.

In the first graph will always be on the value of the maximum either ultra, and this is at full hd resolution.

And secondly, the fps value will not fall below 60 And all this relates to the hard and modern games that can not but rejoice.

About the convenience of use is also worth saying a couple of things.

First, when you feel the laptop starts to heat up and it becomes hard for you to press one button, after which the turbo mode is activated and the fans start working 20% ​​faster and more efficiently due to the increase in revolutions of coolers.

And since the sides of the case and on the bottom of the laptop appropriate ventilation outlets are present, that cooling happens almost instantly.

And since we touched the keys, then a couple of words about them.

As I said earlier, the keyboard is backlit and naturally it is configured through an internal application the system.

To adjust the keys, there are 4 modes of illumination: constant burning, pulsing, wave and point.

The keyboard is divided into 4 sections, each of which can be assigned its own color.

The only negative, the keyboard backlight is not constant and lasts only 15 seconds until you press again any key.

But you can solve this problem by just switching several settings in bios.

Also in this program, you can customize the functionality additional keys, so-called macros, which is further useful in work or games.

But do not forget about the most important, convenience.

The keys are pressed gently, due to their type of structure, the so-called butterfly.

What else is a plus is the dredging of each finger and even the keys here are more than usual problems with hit on the right does not occur.

Well, the trackpad in the gaming laptop thing, though useful, but in most cases not used.

So I advise you to post it with the mouse.

But at the same time use the trackpad in work and surfing On the Internet it is convenient and pleasant.

Autonomy Autonomy is Achilles heel of all gaming laptops.

And Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is no exception.

You need to understand that this is still a gaming laptop.

nor is it of enormous size, from which the result in games it reaches a maximum of 1 hour without recharging.

Approximately enough to watch a video on Youtube for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

When surfing the Internet, the maximum that can be out of it Survive it for 5 hours and 40 minutes.

The result is a laptop Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop turned out The device is absolutely leading personally in my rating and that's why.

He is not ugly, he is powerful, fast and practical.

At the same time I can take it anywhere and I will feel yourself comfortable in any situation I want to play or just work or sit in the Internet.

So I advise you to purchase it and assure you you will not regret your choice for a second.

And you can buy it in our online store sibdroid.


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See you soon.

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