The Latest budget friendly laptops to buy in 2019

laptops still Trump those skinnyultrabooks and cumbersome desktops when it comes to the balance betweenperformance and portability with the introduction of Chrome OS on a budgetlaptops are getting even cheaper here's the four best budget laptops in themarket number four is the HP stream laptop PC when it comes to being on abudget it doesn't get any cheaper than this baby from the HP the HP stream 10PC has an 11.

6 inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 under the hoodit's powered by the mobile class Intel Celeron and 306 T which has the baseclock of a 1.

6 gigahertz and can turbo up to 2.

5 gigahertz there's an Intelgraphics 400 inside along with four gigabytes of LP ddr3 memory to power youthrough a day to day task and light productivity it has a 32 gigabyte ofemmc internal storage and there is a USB type-c an SD card reader the USB 2.

0HDMI and a headphone and microphone combo jack there is a VGA camera at thefront for video calls and Dolby audio for a pleasant listening experience number three is the Acer Chromebook 11the Acer Chromebook 11 is one of the cheapest laptops out there thanks to theuse of Google Chrome's OS this device is solely intended for entertainment andlight productivity as it has an 11.

6 inch screen in an Intel Celeron n28 402point one 6 gigahertz inside the cost cutting is visible in the fact that itonly has 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of internal storage there isIntel HD graphics and 802 point 11 avg NAC wireless LAN where wirelessconnectivity it has high-definition audio support thanks to the two built-instereo speakers Acer also promises up to nine hours of battery life thanks to thebare bones but frugal nature of Chrome OS you can enjoy 100 gigabytes of freestorage on Google Drive for two years you can always head over to the videodescription below to check out links and buy the products we feature or know moreabout these laptops number two is the Samsung Chromebook browhile this is a budget laptop list the second-place Samsung Chromebook is abeautiful piece of kit for the price it's twelve point three inch qHDtouchscreen has vivid colors and sharp color reproduction there is an IntelCore m3 processor six Y 30 that's incredibly generous on the battery butis adequate enough to power through anything at all this all-metalChromebook is the lightest device in its class and is thinner than most otherproducts in the class the Samsung Chromebook pro is capable of a lotincluding streaming 4k media thanks to the 4 gigabytes of onboard memory itruns all Android apps and has support for stylus which is perfect for thatlittle artist in you number one is the Acer Aspire be 15 thebest budget laptop in the market is the Acer Aspire 15 it has a full HD 15.

6inch display that has a resolution of 1366 by 768 the device is powered by aseventh generation Intel Core i3 7,100 you that's powerful enough to do mostday-to-day tasks that you can just throw its way there is a 4 gigabyte ddr4 ofmemory and one terabyte 5400 RPM HDD for all your files there is an intel HDgraphics 620 suitable for light graphic loads there's an 8 X DVD writer alongwith both USB type-c and type-a ports it's equipped with the latest 802.

11 ACWireless featuring mu-mimo technology giving you up to three times fasterperformances than before it can deliver up to 12 hour long battery life to giveyou a full day of usage these are the best budget laptops in the market andyou won't go wrong buying any of these if you liked this video and felt that ithelped please hit the like button and don't forget subscribe.

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