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hello and welcome to unmatched valuesreview of the best laptop you can get for your money so the first thing I'mgoing to mention is we changed the style of the videos a little bit now if youwant to see our choices they're gonna be down in the description below we didthis so it would be easier to keep them updated last year I noticed a lot of theproducts I made a video about they either go out of stock or they're nolonger up for sale and then I I can't keep up with the product changes becauseI can't make a new video every time a product goes out of stock or goes on saleso this will be just easier for me to keep it updated also there will be adate at the top of the description last updated date I will try to keep thisupdated every three months so if it's older than three months I wouldrecommend you disregard any of our recommendations because of the speedthat the markets changed and items go on sale and new items are released I'mgonna try to keep it current but this is just a way for you to gauge how long agoI took a look at the markets and available products so if you'll see inthe description below we have one that is a value one is standard one ispremium values the cheapest price for a good quality productI wouldn't recommend going lower in terms of specs than that standard isjust the best all around for the average user and then our premium is thehigher-end product I would not recommend going higher in terms of specs unlessyou know you'll need it because otherwise you'll just be wasting moneyfor no reason also I'm gonna have the best choices for every three months butjust so you guys are aware that July in August and November in December are thebest times of year when there's the best sales the best deals on laptops sothat's just something to keep in mind if you don't need it right now and it's notJuly or August or November December maybe wait until those months and get alaptop then alright so for the rest of the video I just like to talk about thethings I look for when buying a laptop and making mychoices for my website and the YouTube channel you might want to watch this incase you want something specific or you want to buy something aside from thechoices I have and you're not quite sure what to look for this is gonna be just ageneral overview of the main specs the things that really matternot just useless stats that are only designed to make you spend more money onsomething you're not really ever gonna need or use so the first thing and themost important in my opinion is the processor or CPU is the centralprocessing unit it handles tasks such as responding toyour inputs running games loading information basically responding to anyof your commands it's one of the most important parts of a laptop in myopinion I personally prefer Intel processors AMD has some good ones butjust not my cup of tea I mean I will recommend some laptops with AMD if theprice is right but in my experience Intel is the bestand most laptops and computers do have Intel processors inside if you've everseen their model numbers the core i3 the core i5 and the core i7 followed bynumbers well yeah it can be confusing but basically the core i3 is their valuethe core i5 is their standard and the core i7 is their premium if you want tothink about it that way there's a lot more to it obviously but that's a wholediscussion that can take a lot of time and I'm not gonna go into it right nowmaybe I'll make another video later where I go into this more in depth butfor our purposes basically just taking an example Core i7 8550U mobileprocessor that's one of the processors and one of the picks I'm currentlyworking on so to break it down basically the i7 means they're premium processorthe eight the first number of the whatever amount of numbers following thei7 is the generation so this is 8th gen which is the latest generation at thetime of this video is recording so you just want to be aware of what generationis the latest so you're getting the latest product even you know if it is ani7 but you get like the fourth generation obviously it's not gonna beas good as the latest one and you might be paying more money for something youthink as an i7 that is gonna be the best when it's an outdated processor insideof the product you're purchasing also I am aware until did release an i-9processor but it is currently super expensive and unless you really knowyou're gonna need it I don't recommend buying it currently but that's up topersonal preference so the next thing I look at is in RAM RAM is basically veryfast temporary storage where the application data is stored while theapplication is running so basically it's the laptops multitasking Center if yourlaptop lacks Ram doing more than a couple things at once will make itglitch and run slowly so there's the other side of the coin if you gettoo much RAM where you were paying for Ram you're never even then they use forlike the average user so if you pay for 32 gigabytes of RAM and you only useyour computer to surf the web and look at YouTube videos you're overpaying forRAM that you're never gonna use so I guess the point I'm trying to make isknow what you're gonna be using this for and tailor the laptop you're getting tothat function another thing that is important is the graphics card or GPUthis is basically responsible for rendering the image on the screen ofyour laptop it's designed to process massive amounts of data concurrentlyit's by far the biggest factor in terms of gaming graphics quality and framerate so if you're gonna be doing gaming on your laptop you definitely want tomake sure you get a good graphics card and on the flip side of that if you'renot gonna be doing gaming or rendering stuff like that don't invest in laptopwith a high-end graphics card because you just won't be needing itand the last thing I usually take a look at that's important is the hard drivethat's where your user who files an operating system is stored permanentlythere's two types of hard drives there's the HDD it's a hard disk drive and theSSD is solid-state drive I'm not gonna go into the technology differencesbetween the two but to break it down the HDD is much slower but cheaper in termsof gigabytes you get per dollar and the SSD is faster but more expensive in terms ofpetabytes per dollar although some of my choices do have the HDD just usually thevalue picks I usually recommend the SSD because you can always just buy anexternal hard drive to keep your data on so unless you know you're gonna need alot of gigabytes of storage I'd go with an SSD if you're pickingyour own laptop and I guess that covers the main things I look at when making mychoices the things you should be looking at one more thing I guess is the displayI mean you want 1080p or 4k at this point in time there's no need to golower like 720 that's just outdated technology that no point in spendingmoney on alright so that's it for this video I want to thank anybody who likedor subscribed that actually really helps me out if you have any suggestions orcomments concerns complaints requests anything feel free to comment me I'lltry to give back to everybody thanks for watching have a great day.

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