Acer Nitro 5 AMD Ryzen Review

The Acer Nitro 5 is a budget friendly gaminglaptop, but just how well does it perform? In this detailed review I’ll show you everythingit’s got to offer and help you decide if it’s a laptop you should consider buying.

I’ve got the AMD configuration of the Nitro5 here rather than the Intel and Nvidia model, so other than performance, thermals and batterylife, the information here should mostly apply to both models.

Starting with the specs this unit has an AMDRyzen 5 2500U quad core CPU with Vega 8 graphics, so it’s got a 2GHz base clock and a 3.

6GHzmax boost.

I’ve got 16gb of memory running at DDR4-2666in single channel, but it’s got two slots available, so performance could be improvedwith a dual channel configuration.

For the storage the single M.

2 slot is populatedwith a 128GB SATA SSD, while the single 2.

5 inch drive bay has a 1TB hard drive installed.

For the graphics there’s a Radeon RX 560Xwith 4GB of memory, and we’ll see how well this performs later in the benchmarks.

Thispowers the 15.

6” 1080p 60Hz IPS panel.

For network connectivity there’s a gigabitethernet port, support for 802.

11ac WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Nitro 5 features a grooved black plasticcarbon fiber pattern on top and a similar smooth pattern on the interior.

The buildquality wasn’t bad considering the whole thing is plastic, no sharp corners or anythinglike that.

The dimensions of the laptop are 39cm in width,26.

8cm in depth, and 2.

66cm in height, so about average for a 15 inch laptop in thissort of price range.

The weight is listed as 2.

7KG, although minewas a fair bit lighter at around 2.


With the 135 Watt power brick and cables for chargingincluded it increases to around 3KG.

As mentioned it’s got a 15.

6 inch 1080p60Hz IPS panel, though no mention of whether or not it supports FreeSync anywhere, butthe Radeon settings list FreeSync as disabled and I did notice tearing in games.

As an IPSpanel viewing angles were alright in terms of colour shift, but it did appear a littledarker on an angle.

I’ve measured the current colour gamut usingthe Spyder 5 Pro, and my results returned 64% of sRGB, 46% of NTSC and 48% of AdobeRGB,so not great, but ok for gaming.

At 100% brightness I measured the panel at276 nits in the center, and with a 920:1 contrast ratio, so alright brightness but nothing specialand decent contrast.

I’ve taken a long exposure photo in a darkroom as a worst case backlight bleed test, and there were no serious problems with myunit, a few imperfections picked up on camera but I could hardly see these with my own eyesduring the test, and never noticeable during normal use, however this will vary betweenlaptops.

There’s some flex to the screen while pushingit, although it still felt fairly sturdy as it’s thick plastic.

The hinges are out towardsthe far left and right corners which also aids in stability.

The laptop could just beopened up with one finger, there seems to be a little more weight towards the back,though no problems using it on my lap.

Above the display in the center is a 720pcamera.

The camera doesn't look to bad and the microphonesounds ok too, but you'll be able to judge both for yourself.

The keyboard was pretty good to type with,I had no issues with it to call out.

It’s got red backlighting which can only be turnedon or off using the function and F9 keys, there are no effects, other colours, or levelsof dimness, it’s either red lighting on or off and that’s it.

Here’s what typingsounds like to try and give you an idea of what to expect.

There was some keyboard flex while pushingdown hard, but I never found this to be a problem during normal use.

The touchpad was smooth to the touch and workedfine.

It can be clicked down anywhere to left click, or down the bottom left and right sidesfor left and right click, or two finger clicked anywhere to right click.

On the left there’s a Kensington lock, gigabitethernet port, USB 3.

1 Gen1 Type-C port, no Thunderbolt support here unfortunately, HDMIoutput, USB 3.

0 Type-A port, and SD card slot.

On the right there’s a 3.

5mm audio combojack, two USB 2.

0 Type-A ports, status LEDs and the power input.

On the back there’s just an air exhaustvent towards one side along with some subtle Nitro branding on the top red plastic, whilethe front is just smooth plastic.

On the back of the black carbon fiber lidthere’s the Acer logo in the center with a mirrored finish.

Fingerprints don’t showup too well on the lid as it’s a textured surface, however they show up quite easilyon the inside, though as a smoother surface they’re easy to wipe away.

Underneath there are some big rubber feetwhich did a good job of preventing the laptop from sliding around while in use, as wellas some air intake vents towards the back.

The speakers are found towards the front bottomcorners on the left and right sides, and they sound decent for laptop speakers, still clearat high volumes with a tiny bit of bass.

There are two panels which each have justone screw to open, giving you easy access to the 2.

5 inch drive bay and memory slotsfor easy upgradability.

The rest of the base comes off by taking out the remaining 14 screwswith a Phillips head screw driver, and this gives us further access to the WiFi card,battery and single M.

2 slot.

Powering the laptop is a 4 cell 48 Watt hourbattery, and with a full charge and just watching YouTube videos with the screen on half brightness,lighting effects off and background apps disabled, I was able to use it for 3 hours and 17 minutes.

When not doing graphically intensive tasks the laptop will use the less powerful Vega8 graphics in the CPU, rather than the more powerful Radeon RX 560X.

While playing the Witcher 3 with medium settingsit lasted for an hour and 20 minutes, although the frame rate on battery power was a bitlow compared to running on wall power, but either way the battery life wasn’t too bad.

Thermal testing was completed with an ambientroom temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, so expect warmer temperatures in a warmer environment.

Also keep in mind there’s a heatpipe shared between processor and graphics, so a changein one component may affect the other.

Starting at the bottom of the graph in lightblue I’ve got the idle temperatures, and the CPU was a little warm compared to theGPU.

While gaming with the fans on default speeds, shown by the green bar, the temperaturesgo up but they’re pretty good, and can be improved by 9 degrees Celsius by maxing outthe fans, shown by the yellow bar.

The stress tests were done by running Aida64and the Heaven benchmark at the same time in order to attempt to fully utilize boththe processor and graphics.

Continuing up in the graph with the red bar we’re reachingthe highest temperatures in this worst case scenario, though again realistically thesearen’t very hot at all compared to many other laptops I’ve tested, likely as thehardware isn’t as powerful.

With the fans maxed out in the purple bar we’re able tolower temperatures by around 10 degrees Celsius.

These are the clock speeds I got while runningthe tests just shown.

Absolutely no change at all to the GPU speed which was static.

We can see small improvements to the CPU with better cooling applied, however as shown bythe temperatures before it wasn’t near throttling.

With a CPU only stress test running and noGPU load the clock speeds were able to get a little higher.

To demonstrate how this translates into performanceI’ve got some Cinebench CPU benchmarks here.

Just for comparison I’ve also got some otherIntel 4 core 8 thread CPUs for reference.

I haven’t tested the 7300HQ myself so don’thave the data, but it seems to be below the 2500U in this test.

I’ll also note that no undervolting hasbeen tested here as I wasn’t able to work out how to do this with a Ryzen mobile CPU.

After some research it seems like there are no software applications available at thistime that support this, but if I’m wrong let me know.

As for the external temperatures where you’llactually be putting your hands, at idle it was in the low 30 degree Celsius range, fairlyaverage.

While gaming it gets to the mid 40s in the center and high 40s up the back, anda very similar result was noted with the CPU and GPU stress tests running, quite cool overall.

As for the fan noise produced by the laptop,I’ll let you have a listen to some of these tests.

At idle the fans were still fairly audible,and while gaming and under stress test we’re getting the same noise levels, and I’llnote that this is 5 to 10 decibels quieter than most other gaming laptops I’ve tested,though again they do typically have more powerful hardware and require more cooling.

Once wemax the fan out we’re around average with most other laptops.

Finally let’s take a look at some gamingbenchmarks, all games were run at 1080p with the latest Windows updates and these AMD drivers.

Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,and at epic and high settings the performance wasn’t great, I would definitely suggestplaying at medium settings or lower, as this is able to get us around the 60 FPS mark butmore importantly there was less stuttering, as illustrated by the 1% lows.

Overwatch was tested playing in the practicerange, it still felt playable for the most part at epic settings, but the overall experiencewas better at ultra settings or lower, I didn’t notice any issues with ultra settings, whichwas able to average above 60 FPS while still looking great.

PUBG was tested using the replay feature,and is an example of what we start to see with more resource intensive, or less optimizedgames.

It was playable for the most part at very low settings, I wouldn’t want to goany higher than that personally.

CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical benchmark,and the results were a bit lower than I expected.

Still high enough for a first person shootergame and definitely playable, but I’d probably look for something with higher specs if youwant to go pro.

Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the builtin benchmark, and I’ve found this test to generally run very well on all laptops, soeven on this hardware we’re still seeing fairly good results.

No real difference betweenultra and very high settings, and over 100 FPS on average with the low preset.

Dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensivereplay, so this should be a worst case scenario, these results are not the same as actuallyplaying the game.

In this test the frame rates aren’t excellent, but even with these numbersI think you can still play the game without issue.

Battlefield 1 was played during the firstcampaign mission, and I was playing with no problems at all with medium or low settings.

Even high and ultra were fine most of the time, but I think for this type of game you’dprobably want to try and stick to a 60 FPS average or above.

Watch Dogs 2 is a demanding game, and I alwayssay that this doesn’t need a high frame rate to play, which was the case here.

I foundhigh settings or below to run perfectly fine, so it seems as long as you’re getting 30FPS it should run alright.

DOOM was tested using Vulkan, and at all settinglevels it played fairly smoothly, though there was some choppiness at times, which seemsto be illustrated by the 1% low results being under 30 FPS, though this was no where nearas low at low settings, which did play noticeably better.

The Witcher 3 played alright at medium andlow settings, but it was noticeably slower at high or ultra settings, so still playablebut you’ll just need to stick to the lower setting levels.

I haven’t been able to test some of my usualgames like Ghost Recon, as it wouldn’t load, Shadow of the Tomb raider was crashing onstart, and Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey didn’t recognize the RX 560X andinstead were using the Vega 8 graphics, so barely reaching 10 FPS on minimum settings.

You could probably put in some work arounds to fix these but I still think it’s worthnoting these are more issues than I’ve ever had testing the same games on an Intel andNvidia combination.

I did try manually changing the games using Vega graphics to the 560Xbut it made no difference.

To be honest the results are a fair bit lowerthan most of the other laptops I’ve tested, but the price point of it is also a fair bitlower than most others too.

In the games tested it’s still definitely able to offer a playableexperience, you’ll just need to stick to medium or low settings for the most part,especially if you’re planning on playing AAA games.

I’ve used Crystal Disk Mark to test outthe storage.

The M.

2 SATA SSD is going well for the reads, but not so great for the writes.

The 1TB 5,400PM hard drive is scoring about where I’d expect it to, while the SD cardwas tested with a V90 rated card and was doing pretty good, considering something like theDell G7 only gets 20MB/s.

For updated pricing check the links in thedescription, as prices will change over time.

At the time of recording, here in Australiawith these specs it can be picked up for under $1300 AUD on sale.

In the US it’s around$780 USD, though with half the memory but bigger SSD.

This is the first AMD laptop I’ve tested,but it does seem like you might be better off getting the Intel and Nvidia configurationinstead.

I haven’t tested it, but for around the same price you get the i5-8300H, whichas shown earlier in Cinebench seems to beat the 2500U by a fair bit, and it’s got a1050Ti too which also seems to beat the RX 560X.

So what do you guys think about the Acer Nitro5 gaming laptop? A lot of you have been asking me to review this one for a while now, andit took me a while to get it but here we finally are.

For the money I think it’s a decentgaming laptop, you’re able to play most games at around medium settings no problem.

The build quality was decent and overall it just worked well.

I did have some problemslaunching some games which seems to be due to the Radeon graphics, so that could probablybe fixed with further investigation or software updates.

The screen quality wasn’t greatand was another weak area, but not surprising as it seems to be where many gaming laptopstry to cut costs.

It will look fine in games, just not great colour gamut or brightness.

To be honest I’d probably look at the Intel and Nvidia combination myself, as based onthe specs I suspect it may perform a bit better for around the same price.

Let me know what you guys thought down inthe comments, and leave a like to let me know if you found the review useful.

Thanks forwatching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this one.

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